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Josef W. Seifert


General Manager


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Elke Seifert

Head of Office

Customer Service


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Linda Bühner

Senior Partner

Team Development

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Karina Bremer

Senior Partner

Team Development

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Uwe Schettler

Senior Partner

Change Management


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Susanne Surmann

Workshop Facilitation


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Monique Lampe

Senior Partner

Organisational Culture


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Stefan Eß

Senior Partner

Large Group Facilitation


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Eva Seifert

Junior Partner

SixSteps® eFacilitation


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David Seifert

Junior Partner

SixSteps® eFacilitation


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Miriam Dietrich

Customer Service



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Doris Winter

Team Assistant Customer Service


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Bettina Kerschbaumer


Facilitação Equipa


SixSteps® eFacilitation

eFa GmbH



MODERATIO has decisively influenced the concept of business moderation in the past two decades. In hundreds of meetings and workshops MODERATIO has proven that suitable moderation techniques – used at the right point of time – don´t just bring structure and dynamics into the process, but the moderation of a discussion process is the key to agree upon goals.


Our service range is from the moderation of meetings, workshops and large groups to the moderation of events, podium discussions as well as online-moderation. Furthermore, MODERATIO is the leading training academy for business moderation, with a broad range of moderation trainings, training modules and coaching services. Josef W. Seifert founded MODERATIO in 1985 and is Managing Director of the partnership Seifert & Partner Business Consulting.


Let our successful method and our experience work for you!

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